An image of three cows taken in the dark with a flashlight. I shot this over 15 years ago as a teenager and I don't think I have the original file. All that remains is this jpg that was processed a million times, but somehow it still captures the original vibe.


My names are Ben, Yule, and b12f and I often spend my time engineering software. I really like cycling, cats, cooperatives, and free software.

Stuff I've been doing

My focus has often been on the frontend and devops side of things, though I'm increasingly involved in the organisational side of collaboration.

I've spent time as a frontend engineer @, frontend functional lead @ Convidera, and as a software engineer and design systems advocate @ OpenProject, in that order.

I'm a founding member of the free software non-profit We host a single-sign-on cloud with various services. We also organize a small hackathon four times a year. Come visit us at hakken.irl!

I'm also a founding member of the tech collective Momo. We're professionals with experience in various parts of IT. We help you find solutions to a wide range of IT problems.

Last but very much not least, I'm a founding member of the Cologne based creative collective MiOM. We create affordable spaces to work, make art, and collaborate in.

Want to work with me?

I consider myself a generalist in the field of IT, though I'm most proficient in the development and operation of web applications, and the administration of linux-based cloud infrastructures.

My previous work has involved software engineering, IT consulting, designing of user interfaces, devops, linux systems administration, seminar moderation, tech writing, and barkeeping ;)

You can see some of my code here and here.

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Want to get in touch?

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